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Don't let the dry air shock you - install a whole house humdifier!

The dry indoor heat generated during the winter months can play havoc with all sorts of things within the home or business. Dry skin, dry eyes and those little electric shocks are the first signs that your air is too dry. Insufficient humidity also has more serious effects on your respiratory health and can significantly wear on the life of your furniture, wood floors and walls. The most viable answer for the problem of dry indoor air is a whole house humidifier, which can work directly with your current HVAC system.

A humidifier systems has the following benefits:

  • Adds regulated moisture to the air in an ongoing fashion
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Requires annual service, rather than daily upkeep

Unlike smaller humidifiers that work within a single room and require cleaning and replenishing on an almost daily basis, a whole house humidifier only requires an annual service to keep it functioning at it optimum performance level. If you think a whole house humidifier can increase your interior air comfort, Frosty's Heating and Cooling, Inc. has a trained team of technicians to install, replace or upgrade a humidifier for you.

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