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Office Staff:

Dixie Ross: Customer Service Representative

Dixie has been working in the customer service field for more than 20 years in a variety of positions, and enjoys helping customers and making sure they are satisfied with their service. She enjoys digging into problems and finding solutions, which she attributes to her love of jigsaw puzzles. In her spare time she watches roller derby, plays D&D and video games, and likes to garden.

Field staff:

Leo Marte: Installer

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Leo came to the U.S. as an adult to find a better life for himself. He dedicated himself to his family, his education, and his work. Leo acquired a position with Frosty’s and quickly proved himself to be eager for more and loyal as ever. Leo has continued to further his education that has helped propel him to be a fantastic installer. When Leo isn’t working he is spending time with his son.

Patrick Murray: Service Technician

Patrick has been in the HVAC industry for over twenty years. He has worked for larger commercial outfits like Calvert Jones but truly found a home in the residential side of the industry. Patrick loves the face to face interaction with the customers and has a real knack for explaining things in a way that anyone can understand. Patrick is a real animal lover, be sure to ask him about his “zoo” at home. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, doing projects around the house, getting muddy on his four wheeler, and traveling with the family.

Paul Candido: Installer

Paul has been in the industry as an installer for more than fifteen years. He has perfected his efficiency and time management while on a job site. Earning the nick name of “Hulk” when he isn’t working Paul is at the gym, spending time with his daughter, or making a much needed trip home to El Salvador to visit his family.

Paul Stambaugh: Service Technician

Paul has been in the HVAC industry for more than thirty years. He started in the commercial sector, and found that he was more suited for the personal interaction with the customers on the residential side of the industry. He has been with Frosty’s for more than fourteen years and has formed quite a customer base. Paul is very much the family man. In his spare time he is attending his daughters many sporting events, taking family vacations, or fishing.

Phil Robrahn: Service Technician

Phil came to Frosty’s with over thirty years hands on experience in the industry. He has worked his way from the bottom to the top of his profession. Phil has worked as a service technician both residential and commercial, he has been an installer, a service manager, general manager, and even a company owner. His knowledge is top of the line and he is always willing to share his wisdom. When he isn’t working he is traveling with his wife, or riding his motorcycle.

Thea Chea: Service Technician

Thea came to the United States from Cambodia in search of love, and success. He found both in Northern Virginia. With fifteen plus years of hands on training he has found his success as an HVAC technician. And with his wife, son, and daughter he has found the love he was seeking.

Tim Luckett: Service Technician

Tim came to Frosty’s after many years of working in Southern Maryland on oil systems. A few short years ago Tim became a father. He has embraced the joys of family life, and has found a perfect balance between work and play.

For all your HVAC needs, Frosty’s Heating & Cooling Inc., is here to help.